Access Control Systems

Computation Ltd. is a full-service provider of access control systems with decades of experience.

Dealing with all major brands of equipment (HID, 3XLogic, Paradox etc) we can handle your project from:

  • initial design
  • cable installation
  • installation of FOB readers, keypads, electric strike locks, controllers, exist requestor and other sensors
  • installation and configuration of access control management software (configuring doors, zones, staff IDs, door unlock schedules etc.)
  • provisioning of FOBs per staff assignments and access permissions

Each project begins with us assessing your requirements and inspecting your site – contact us to get a quote today! Whether the work is part of an update or addition to an existing site, or move into a new site, we’ve got you covered. We’ll determine the number and type of doors and the kind of locks and access control they will need, the type of key you want, the cabling requirements, and any intercom, automatic opener or other accessibility requirements.

access control systems

We have installed controlled electric strike locks on all types of doors:

  • interior doors
  • exterior doors
  • single doors
  • double doors
  • desk drawers and cabinets
  • garage doors (roll-up)
  • doors with intercoms
  • doors with automatic openers
  • exterior gates
  • universal bathrooms

We can also setup:

  • Security cameras
  • VOIP telephone systems
  • Large and small area WiFi access point mesh systems
  • Network cabling and server racks
  • Desktop and computing
  • Servers
  • Printing
  • Routers, switches, NVRs, and UPSs
  • TVs for presentation and viewing

Once we have determined your requirements we will provide a project proposal. Contact Us for more information.